Do you have a print policy in your office? If you’re like many small to medium-sized businesses we work with, this is most likely low on your list of priorities.  However, having a print policy in place can play an important role in controlling print costs and use.


A print policy is a set of guidelines that outlines expectations, rules, and behaviour for office printing. Introducing some expectations about office printing is a simple and quick way to reduce printing costs. Even announcing that you have a print policy in place can have a positive effect on staff behaviour.


When developing your policy, be sure to consider these areas:

  1. Print Volume – There is often a disconnect between how much a given department is printing and how much they actually need to print. Some departments, such as finance may have higher print needs than others, while others may have less of a need to access printed materials, especially if their processes are software-based.
  2. Colour Printing – Color printing costs more than black and white and should be limited to only those departments that require it, such as marketing.
  3. Printer Default Settings – As a general rule, black and white double-sided printing should be the default for most printers. Users can easily change the settings on an as-needed basis.
  4. Print Purchasing and Servicing – Outlining a purchasing policy for printers and consumables can help to control arbitrary and uncoordinated spending.
  5. Good Communication – No print policy can succeed unless it is properly communicated to your employees. Make sure to emphasize the purpose of your cost-saving strategies and engage employees in the process. Training can help reduce problems that may arise.

By developing a good print policy, you can save on many printing costs including energy use, maintenance, and consumables. With just a little attention, a print policy can have a significant impact on your company’s bottom line.


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