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Five Business Benefits of Unified Communications

By June 2, 2020 No Comments

Every business wants to improve workflows and remove obstacles for their teams. If you accomplish this, productivity and efficiency are significantly improved. The benefits of Unified Communications have the capacity to affect your day to day business and make it easier for your employees to interact with each other, clients, and partners.

A remote team is only as successful as their company’s ability to communicate and collaborate. Remote workers need access to team messaging, cloud phone, and video conferencing to stay connected and to keep business moving forward.

A Unified Communications solution allows your team to have communications options right at their fingertips. The integration of multiple tools within a single platform means users can move seamlessly within a common interface and environment.

In this unprecedented time, a Unified Communications solution is a business essential. Here are five major benefits UC can provide your business.

  1. It’s Manageable and Efficient – A Unified Communication solution provides a single platform that connects all of your mobile devices, desktops, and laptops with your remote staff. This allows your team to focus on their tasks and easily communicate with clients, making operations run seamlessly.
  1. It’s Secure – Instead of phone lines, UC turns all of your audio signals into digital signals. That means all of your calls are made through an encrypted Internet connection, significantly increasing security. This includes emails, texts and phone calls.
  1. UC Lowers Costs and is Scalable – A Unified Communications solution can be adopted at a size and price that can work for any sized business. As you grow, you can scale up services as needed. Because everything goes through a single cloud-based server, upgrades and maintenance are easy. If you are currently using a legacy phone system or hosting any communications tools on-site, chances are, this is taking a large dollar amount out of your budget. A UC platform leverages the internet to work for you, with service like Voice over IP (VoIP).
  1. UC Saves Time – UC offers unique features that can cut down on time spent communicating with others. Since all devices are unified across the network, you can answer or transfer calls to any connected device at any location. This can significantly improve the responsiveness of your customer service.
  1. Improved Collaboration – With a UC platform, you can host a video, web, or telephone conference on the fly. It doesn’t matter where your team or clients are located, they can connect and share ideas in real-time.

Unified Communications can help you to replicate much of the in-person experience and reap the rewards remote work offers.

If you’d like to learn more or have questions, give your Allied sales rep a call and let us help you design the perfect UC solution for your business.


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