Document Management
in Boise

Do you struggle to constantly manage and organize your company’s documents? Are hours of your day spent searching through folders only to realize the document you need is long lost in the depths of your computer system? If you answered yes, it's time to bring your document management into the 21st Century.

Allied Business Solutions in Boise stands out among other competitors by providing a complete and custom document management solution for your business. With our quick installation process, you can get up and running with your new system in no time, gaining peace of mind that all important documents are properly archived and accessible.

Document Management in Boise

What is Document Management?

M-Files is a leading form of document management software used by Allied to serve our clients better. Due to its incredibly advanced metadata-driven technology, our clients have gained instant control over their records and reported significant ROI.

M-Files can:

  • Track document changes over time
  • Automate document-based tasks
  • Setup permission-based access controls for sensitive data
  • Eliminate security risks and document chaos
  • Streamline how businesses operate and store important documents
  • Centralized storage of documents
  • Ease of access to information with colleagues, customers, and other organizational stakeholders

M-Files will take your enterprise content management (ECM) to the next level through productive workflow automation and paperless office solutions.

How Can My Boise Business Benefit From Document Management?

Say goodbye to losing content due to poorly operated laptops, USB sticks, emails, network drives, and cloud sites; M-Files saves every document in one convenient location.

Our Boise customers will save time and money thanks to the digitization of their documents with our cloud-type platform. This reduces storage space costs since paper documents are no longer necessary. The software can read PDFs created from scanned images, making them more readily accessible.

Take Your Document Workflow to the Next Level with Allied Business Solutions in Boise

Let's get down to brass tacks. Your business is ready to go paperless, become more efficient, and stop wasting money on the labor used with your current document management plan.

Here's how Allied can help YOU :

  • Going paperless with digital documents - No more filing cabinets!
  • Documents are easy to find - Search for content with keywords, metatags, date ranges, and customizable search ranges.
  • Securely store documents - Access to documents is given only to those with permission, and sensitive text can be restricted to certain users or redacted.
  • Enhanced collaboration - Allows immediate approvals and the quick movement of information between teams, allowing them to be more efficient and collaborative.
  • Integrate data directly into processes - Accelerations to workflows with the rapid speed of the internet and computers.

Document Management in Boise

Scale Your Business Without Limitations

At Allied Business Solutions, we know that running a successful business often requires more than just hard work and dedication – it also takes the right resources. That's why our team is passionate about providing high-quality document management with M-Files for businesses of all sizes in Boise.

If you're ready to take your business to the next level – contact our Boise office now! Our team is standing by and eager to learn more about what makes your business unique so we can find the perfect solution for you. The future success of your business starts here!

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