It seems like every day we’re hearing about another company being breached and losing customer and client data to criminals. Today, every business needs a security plan. Few companies realize that every device that is on, or accesses, your network is vulnerable including mobile devices, and even networked printers.

If your printer isn’t subject to the same level of security as the rest of your network, you are at risk. A recent study found that 85% of companies surveyed believe overall security is important and yet only 59% felt printer security was important! This is a major disconnect and the reason why office printers are often a gateway into your network for a determined criminal.

By the Numbers

The same survey of IT managers found 53% say their printers are vulnerable, 64% of printers are likely infected with malware, and 39% have low confidence in their ability to secure print resources.

Security solutions are worth the time and expense. A secured printer has six times fewer security breaches than an unprotected one.

Six Steps to Secure Printing

Here are six steps that can help you protect your printers:

  1. Encrypt – Encrypt all data flowing to the printer at the source.
  2. Erase – All data should be periodically erased from printer hard drives.
  3. Authenticate – Limit access and monitor use through passwords and PIN numbers.
  4. Control – Consider pull printing. Use a PIN number or other identifier to print at the device, reducing unclaimed jobs.
  5. Update – Keep firmware and security updates current and confirmed as legitimate.
  6. Manage – Use software to manage devices, access and compliance.

Unprotected, your printer is an entryway for criminals. Keep your printer security at the same level as the rest of your network.

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