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How You Can Lower the Cost of Printing

By May 20, 2019 No Comments

Do you know how much your company spends on printing each month? If you answered no, you’re not alone—90 percent of businesses don’t monitor or track their print expenses. Conservative estimates show that printing can account for three percent of more of your annual revenues, and by making a few simple changes you can help to reduce your print costs while increasing productivity and enhancing document workflow; here’s how.

Adjust Your Print Settings

By changing the default settings on your office printers you can realize instant savings and help reduce waste. Consider the following:

  • Draft mode printing – This option reduces the DPI on the page by using less toner, and is ideal for office copies and correspondence.
  • Duplex printing – Save money on the cost of paper by using both sides of each sheet.
  • Color printing – Restrict the use of color by setting printer defaults to automatic black and white only printing.
  • Multiple page printing – Consolidate the printing of PowerPoint presentations, text-heavy documents, and other jobs by printing them onto a single sheet of paper.

Implement Print Rules

Print rules and permissions allow you to regain control over the volume and type of printing in your office, according to the user, time of day, department, and more. Password protection helps you keep track of who is printing what and when, and prevents sensitive documents from being left in the output tray as users must input a passcode or other identifier at the printer before the document can be released.

Consolidate Your Devices

Single-use devices and personal printers can be a drain on resources and finances, wasting energy and costing you more for maintenance and consumables. Consider replacing these items with central devices that enhance workflow and simplify tracking.

Upgrade Your Print Equipment

Old or inefficient print equipment can be slow, use more energy, and require more frequent, costly repairs. Consider replacing your aging machines with new, energy efficient printers designed to give you greater control over your print environment, with features such as mobile print capabilities and cloud scanning.

Go Digital

Converting hardcopy documents to digital can save money on the cost of printing and storage as documents can be scanned to cloud-based services for ease of retrieval, sharing and collaboration.

Partner With a Managed Print Services Provider

A Managed Print Services provider can help you determine the actual cost of printing within your organization and provide you with the solutions you need to optimize your print environment while saving you money. Services include:

  • Supply Maintenance – Supply levels are monitored and consumables are delivered when you need them.
  • Streamlined Invoicing – The cost of service and supplies is included in one monthly payment.
  • Cost Control – Knowing your print costs provides you with the opportunity for savings.
  • Print Monitoring – Remote monitoring can detect minor issues before they affect your business.

Want to get a handle on your costs of printing? Contact us today to schedule a complimentary print assessment and let us show you how you can reduce your print costs and increase your efficiency!

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