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Are you struggling with a lack of internal IT resources? Do you receive inconsistent, “break-fix” computer service from independent computer technicians? Are you unsure about what technology is best for your business? When one or more of your IT devices went down or partially failed, did this weaken your ability to do business?

What if you lost your company information due to a hard drive failure, a cyberattack or heaven forbid, a natural disaster – would you be able to recover?

Do you have a backup and disaster recovery strategy and have you tested it?


We help organizations strengthen their technology infrastructure and keep it up and running.

That’s why Allied Business Solutions is preferred by businesses in Idaho, Utah and Oregon to help support and manage their IT.

The Challenge

Managing IT is complex.

Many organizations may be capable of keeping their IT infrastructure up on a daily basis, but are they capable of dealing with the biggest IT challenges?

Paying for, and maintaining, leading edge information technology has become too expensive and complex for the average organization to manage on its own.

Common Challenges
  • Data Loss
  • Security Threats
  • Downtime
  • Cloud Confusion
  • Productivity Problems
  • Budget Constraints
  • Qualified People
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The Solution

The old model of buying IT assets and employing a large number of IT people to maintain an infrastructure is quickly being replaced with a pay-as-you-go alternative called Managed IT Services.

Start with an IT Assessment

We’ll provide you with a snapshot of your IT infrastructure’s current state, its effectiveness to support your business needs today and the readiness of your systems to handle future plans as well.

A typical IT Infrastructure Assessment scope includes:
  • Servers
  • Power
  • Environment
  • Operating Systems Security Updates Status
  • Email Systems
  • Security – Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware State
  • Networks – LAN and Wireless
  • Internet – Firewall Security
  • Backup
  • Documentation

Following our IT Infrastructure Assessment, you’ll receive a full report with observations and recommendations to help you understand current risks and opportunities available to you.

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Introducing Allied Business Solutions Managed IT Services

A Managed IT strategy is more than just maintaining existing systems. It’s an ongoing relationship designed to augment your internal IT resources with a focus on maximizing your technology spend to achieve business objectives.

As your technology partner, Allied Business Solutions offers flexible Managed IT programs that meet most business goals and budgets.

Popular Allied Business Solutions Managed IT programs include:

Infrastructure Management

  • Router, Switch, Firewall Management
  • VPN Management
  • ISP Management
  • Third Party Vendor Management
  • Software Licensing Management

Strategic Level Support

  • Assigned vCIO
  • Unlimited Purchasing Support
  • Project Research and Proposals
  • IT Asset Retirement Plan
  • Technology Road Maps

Protection and Preventative Maintenance

  • Firewall Permission Log Reviews
  • Firewall Patch Management
  • External Penetration Test
  • Periodic Test Data Restores

Monitoring and Emergency Support

  • Network Device and Traffic Monitoring – 24×7 | 365
  • Unlimited Remote Support – 24×7 | 365

The Result

– Technology Planning

– 24/7 Monitoring and Alerting

– Guaranteed Response Times

Spend less time on IT issues and more time on growing your business. Our Managed IT Services provide an affordable and comprehensive management option to supplement your current in-house capabilities so you can do more with less.

Popular Outcomes
  • Proactive Solutions
  • Access to Professional IT Staff
  • Predictable Spend
  • OPEX vs CAPEX Spend
  • Faster Response Time
  • Vendor Management
  • Peace of Mind

If you are struggling to keep up with technology and your environment needs improvement, take the first step – let’s discuss an Allied Business Solutions IT Infrastructure Assessment.

We’re ready when you are!