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Managing Print (MPS)

Chances are your business is printing and spending more than necessary.
We help companies take control of their print volumes and costs by shifting from an unmanaged to managed print environment, often saving them up to 30% right away.

The Problem

Office printing is out of control.

Most organizations operate without an office print policy which results in people printing more than they need to causing uncontrolled spending. and lack the inability to monitor usage and control costs.

The Issues

  • No User Restrictions
  • Low Cost Visibility
  • Multiple Vendors
  • IT Resource Drain
  • No Cartridge Recycling

"17% of printed pages are never used."


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Your Print Savings Estimate includes the following assumptions:

  • Average tree produces 8,333 sheets of paper
  • Typical office worker prints 10,000 sheets of paper per year
  • Common desktop laser printer produces 100 pounds of waste per year
  • Unmanaged print environments have one printer for every 2.7 workers
  • Typical cost per page is 3.96 cents (assumes 80% monochrome @ 1.2 cents per page and 20% color @ 15 cents per page)
  • Managed print environments tend to save approximately 30% vs unmanaged
  • Paper and financial savings are based on 30% reduction
  • Allied's print cartridge recycling program eliminates landfill issues

The Solution

Shift from an unmanaged to a managed print environment.

01. The Print Assessment

We learn about your current state by deploying our print monitoring software to collect fact-based reporting on your actual print volumes and costs. Usage patterns, security risks, document workflows and supplies re-ordering procedures are also evaluated to determine ways to reduce costs and improve employee productivity.

Request your complimentary Print Assessment. You’ll get a fact-based report on your current print volumes and costs.

02.  Managed Print Services

Allied Business Solutions customers enjoy one low predictable monthly cost while we manage your printer hardware, service and supplies inventory and re-ordering for you. We create user rules and remove the burden of print so your people can focus on higher value tasks while we manage your print environment for you.

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“Our Managed Print customers typically save 15 – 30% on their print-related costs.”


– Tom Beeles, Allied President & CEO

Managed Print Benefits

  • Device Management to Maximize Uptime
  • Automated Supply Fulfillment
  • Preventative and Proactive Maintenance
  • Help Desk Support
  • Automated Meter Collection
  • Track, Trend and Measure Fleet Activities
  • Cost Per Page Billing with One Monthly Invoice
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Flexible Options to Add New Devices
  • Greener Print Strategies and Cartridge Recycling
  • Rules-Based Printing for Cost Containment and Security
  • Device Mapping for Usage Optimization

The Results

Print volume and expense reduction.

Managed Print programs provide everything you need to remove the burden of print from your high value workers. Professional on-site and remote service support keep your systems up and running. Improved usage and cost visibility create the opportunity for predictable budgeting and a greener print strategy.

The Outcomes

  • Cost Savings
  • Predictable Budgeting
  • Improved Uptime
  • Waste Reduction
  • Reduced IT Burden
  • Recycling Opportunities

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