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Profitable Finishing Options for Commercial Printers

In today’s fast-paced world of complex jobs and challenging deadlines, it’s critical to evolve and stay on top of industry trends and changes. High-end finishing options are a profitable way to differentiate your business from your competitors while providing added value for your customers.

Here are five finishing options to offer your customers that can add value and boost profits.

1. Lamination – This is the most common finishing option and is popular and on-trend thanks to its professional look and high-quality results. Lamination improves a printed material’s durability and water resistance by adding a protective coating to the surface.

2. Varnishing – Varnishing can be either matte or glossy. Varnishes are an ideal choice for brochures, magazine covers, and pages. There are several different types of varnishing including gloss, matte, silk, UV varnish, overall UV varnishing, or spot UV varnishing.

3. Embossing – Embossing is a finishing process where some parts of the printed page are raised for emphasis or texture. Embossing allows you to create stunning 3-D effects by adding a tactile dimension to printed material.

4. Thermography – Thermography adds a whole other dimension to printed material. You can raise specific elements on your pages, for example logo or text. This less expensive finishing process can highlight aspects on your printed materials. Different powders give different finishes, for example, metallic powder gives a metallic look, while glitter powder adds sparkle to your material.

5. Foil Stamping – Foil stamping applies a metallic material or foil to your printed surface using heat and pressure. Foils are not limited to gold and silver. You can also use pigmented, holographic, and security foils. This adds a little bit of luxury to any project. Foil stamping is often used in combination with embossing.

Offering premium finishing options can help you grow your business and take your customer’s printed collateral to the next level of professionalism and design.

If you’re ready to learn more about finishing options available for commercial printers, give your Allied Business Solutions contact a call today!

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