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The 8 Trends That Are Transforming Production Print

The print industry is always working hard to develop new technology to meet the needs and challenges of today’s business world and to provide more value for their customers. Here are the Top 8 trends in production print that can give your company a competitive advantage!

  1. The Shift to Digital Continues…Almost every industry is trending toward digital technology. The print industry included. Digital printing is an affordable, convenient solution for outputting digital content in a variety of mediums. For example, PDFs can be sent to a digital printer and output directly onto cardstock, canvas, plastics, paper, and more.
  1. A Focus on Sustainability – We’re all striving to work more sustainably. Waste reduction through solutions like on-demand printing means far fewer wasted materials. Sustainability practices also include recycling paper, ink, cartridges, and other by-products of the process.
  1. Variable Data Printing – Advertisers use printed media to improve brand awareness and entice new customers. Variable Data Printing (VDP) allows you to print customized messages by automatically changing the output of a digital printing press.
  1. Digital Label Printers – Every product needs a label. Digital label printers allow you to print short-run packaging and get your product on shelves faster with customized labels. Production print concept.
  1. Special Effects and Finishings – Special effects and eye-catching finishings enhance the appeal of printed materials. Laying down neon, or custom toner in specific locations makes a printed piece more attractive to customers.
  1. Printing on New Substrate Materials – The ability to print on non-paper materials is a big selling point. The demand to print on textiles, metal, glass, and specialized packaging is growing. As print technology evolves, businesses will benefit from the efficiency and customization of new materials like PVC, plastic, or layered paper.
  1. Streamlining Workflows – Streamlining workflows is essential for any print operation. Many companies are achieving this by moving printing in-house. Along with cost savings, businesses achieve greater control and can make changes quickly.
  1. A Focus on Short-Run Printing – Digital printing has made on-demand and short-run printing cost-effective and efficient. It creates new opportunities for consumers and print businesses.

Tracking the Trends

Determining the best way to operate a viable print production business or in-house facility can be challenging. However, knowing the industry and consumer trends can help guide your team to adapt to the new demands of production print.

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