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The Benefits of Upgrading Your Print Environment Before Year-End

By November 21, 2019 No Comments

The end of the year is a busy time for most businesses. In fact, 80% of small and medium-sized businesses end their fiscal year on December 31st. It’s the time for tying up loose ends and preparing for the year ahead. You’re planning your marketing, analyzing sales, preparing budgets and thinking of the tax benefits of booking expenses this year vs. next.

This is also the time to take stock of your office equipment needs. Has your copier been breaking down and impacting productivity? Have you noticed bottlenecks, or missed an important deadline because your printer was offline?

Year-end is the perfect time to take a long look at your print environment and prepare for the year ahead. Here are three reasons to invest in your print environment before the end of 2019!

  1. Use It or Lose It – If you have money left in your budget at year’s end, it’s a good idea to use it before you lose it. Why not invest your year-end surplus in new office equipment to help streamline your workflows, improve productivity and get 2020 off to a strong start!
  2. Purchase Before a Breakdown – Is your office printer not working as well as it used to? Have your repair expenses suddenly skyrocketed in the past year? Don’t rush into expensive, last-minute purchases because your old devices are on their last legs. Purchase or lease new technology before you’re in dire need so you’ll be ready for that big project! Plus, it feels great to get another item off the to-do list as you close out the year.
  3. Don’t Forget About the Tax Benefits – Spending money on much-needed hardware, software, and supplies can help you maximize your tax deductions for 2019. As you look toward a strong year-end, making final purchases like upgrading printers, software, and stocking up on supplies is a smart business move. They’ll help you to lower your tax liability, and set you up to start the new year strong!

Now is the perfect time of year for updating your print environment to make sure your team is prepared for the coming year. Give one of our Allied Technology Specialists a call. We’re ready to help you choose the perfect equipment to meet your needs and budget!


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