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Health and Safety Takes on a New Meaning with COVID-19

By May 28, 2021 No Comments

Today, as the COVID-19 pandemic begins to wind down, health and safety are more important than ever. At first, we panicked as businesses were forced to shut down, workers were forced to go home, and the livelihoods of millions of us were on the line. Productivity was harder to achieve than ever, and today, as we slowly leave the “panic zone” and enter the “learning zone,” businesses are slowly beginning to reopen.

As offices reopen, basic steps like reporting unsafe conditions, moving around during the day, using a headset when making and receiving calls, and inspecting electrical cords and fire alarms are still all-important steps for ensuring a healthy work environment.

However, as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses will need to adopt new health and safety measures into their plans to keep employees and customers safe.

Here are some tips to keep your workplace safe from COVID-19:

  • Screen Employees – Regularly screen your employees for symptoms, do temperature checks, and if possible offer regular testing.
  • Keep the Office Clean – Ensure all high-touch areas and surfaces are cleaned regularly.
  • Implement Social Distancing – Create greater distance between workers, and desks, keeping a 6-foot distance whenever possible.
  • Reduce Elevator Capacities – Avoid crowding stairwells, and other tight spaces too.
  • Reinforce Personal Hygiene – Give employees the opportunity to keep their hands clean. For example, provide soap and water or hand sanitizer.
  • PPE – Ensure workers are using any personal protective equipment appropriately.
  • Meetings and Office Gatherings – Hold meetings and gatherings in outdoor spaces whenever possible.
  • Remind Workers to Stay Home if They Feel Sick!

March 2020 was over a year ago and since then so much has changed. Could you believe that this is where we’d be when we first went home over a year ago? We added new terms to our vocabulary like contact tracing and social distancing. Like brushing our teeth and putting on shoes, masking up, and hand sanitizing have become daily habits.

The safety measures listed above are just a few ways you can ensure the health and safety of your workplace for both employees and customers. To stay current, refer to the Centers for Disease Control website for the latest recommendations, workplace guidelines, and strategies.



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