Managing Documents

There’s an easier way to capture, manage, access and share content. Let us show you how to save time, money, storage space and headaches by automating key business practices with a digital document management system.

The Challenge

When documents are stored across various locations like laptops, USB sticks, in email, on network drives and on cloud-sharing sites, information chaos can be the result. Multiple storage sites drain productivity and increase security risks.

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The Opportunities

A document management solution brings corporate content under control

Important documents like legal files, marketing assets and financial data are easily searchable, shared and secured. Document management technology adds value to content by integrating it into core business processes. Information flows to the right person, at the right time, in the applications and on the devices your team uses to get the job done!

How Allied Can Help

Going Paperless with Digital Documents

Digitally capture documents, both paper and electronic, and store them in one place. Paper and filing cabinets become relics of the past.

Documents Are Easy to Find

Digital documents are completely searchable. Search by keyword, metadata tags, date ranges or customized search parameters to meet your unique needs.

Securely Store Documents

Rest easier knowing your data is safe. Advanced security means documents are safe and can only be accessed and worked on by authorized users.

Enhance Collaboration

Easily share and collaborate between teams using a web-based platform. Improve creativity by enabling reviews and allowing immediate approvals.

Integrate Data Directly into Processes

Automation, document management, and workflow capabilities provide endless opportunities to accelerate the flow of digital business.

Content Becomes Easily Accessible

Simplify and automate daily work with searchable and easily accessible content.

Eliminate Paper

Go paperless and digitally manage the entire lifecycle of your documents and data. Capture paper and import electronic documents, manage them in a secure environment and easily share with just a few clicks.

Keep Track of Versions

Track, display and compare multiple document versions in one place.

Apply Annotations

Add stamps, sticky notes, text boxes, highlights and more.

Keep Sensitive Information Private

Redact text and restrict access to keep documents secure.

Deploy On-Premises or in the Cloud

Route, access and share files anytime, anywhere. Documents can be stored on-premises or in the cloud. Browser-based document management gives your team flexibility to work in the office, at home or on the road.

Integrate with Existing Systems

Easy integration with existing business systems like enterprise resource planning (ERP) and line-of-business systems (LOB).

Access Information in Real Time

Robust search ensures documents can be found fast. Use key free indexing or capture automation to tag documents. Documents are searchable by type, invoice number, date or title.

Automate Workflows

Automate review, approval and other processes by routing documents through digital workflows with built-in automation tools.

Maintain Complete Audit Trails

Track and audit every action on documents and folders throughout your enterprise.

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