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Our Top 7 Benefits of Document Management

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Even though we’re living in the digital age, more than half of businesses still rely on paper processes. The challenge to keep up with paperwork is becoming even more of a struggle as businesses are often under pressure to produce more, with fewer resources.

Did you know 83 percent* of staff worldwide are forced to recreate documents that already exist but simply can’t be found. 

Document management software and business process automation can help business owners and managers regain control over their document environments, with solutions to help manage high volumes of data securely and efficiently. The benefits of a document management system include:

  1. Save Time – Complete reports, gather information for compliance auditing, or locate data in half the time with enhanced search capabilities and file organization.
  2. Save Money – Increase the efficiency of personnel by providing them with solutions to streamline and automate everyday tasks and business processes and eliminate redundancies. When errors are reduced and communications increased, staff can accomplish more in less time, helping to improve your bottom line and focus on growing your business.
  3. Remove Data Silos – Information that is relegated to data silos can be detrimental to your organization, however document management and workflow software can help to reintegrate this data with other core applications, putting all your information to work for you.
  4. Improve Accessibility – When documents are electronically scanned and stored securely in the cloud, they become accessible to all authorized parties around the clock, from anywhere they have an internet connection. In addition to improving collaborative efforts and communications, this ensures the availability of information in the event of loss or damage of paper documents.
  5. Eliminate Redundancy – Seamless integration into existing software applications helps to eliminate redundant steps, and streamline work processes.
  6. Increase Transparency – Document security is significantly enhanced, as each action taken is tracked and recorded. Users are required to enter a unique pass code to access information, which is then logged by date, time and activity.
  7. Manage Deadlines – Missed deadlines can cost you time, money and customers. With document management software, tasks remain organized and in plain view, eliminating the need for less reliable systems.

By converting hardcopy documents to digital files, documents are more secure, easier to access, and are automatically backed up in the event of loss or damage to physical copies. Document management software and business process automation can help propel your business forward where you can remain competitive and devote valuable resources to what really matters: growing your business.

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*Associations Now, 2019

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