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Work Smarter in 2022

As we enter the second quarter of 2022, life is returning to a “new” normal. Many of the trends of the past two years are still a fact of life and most likely will be for the long haul. Remote work, online meetings, and app and subscription services that bring us our entertainment and groceries are here to stay. The way we work and live has changed dramatically!

So what tools are available to help us work smarter in 2022?  Introducing AI. Artificial Intelligence is the training process of making a computer learn.  While it may be years for the AI seen in the movies to come to fruition, AI has brought real and noticeable improvements to our everyday lives.

Today, AI can help you work faster, but more importantly, it can help you to work smarter. Here are three AI trends we predict will influence us in 2022 and beyond!

  1. AI Will Free Your Time to Focus on What’s Important. You got your job because of your expertise and skill set. AI will help you use your time more efficiently. AI can take on mundane tasks like information housekeeping to free your time to focus on what you do best. In the past few years, AI has become more successful at task automation, improving worker efficiency.
  2. AI Will Deliver the Information You Need Faster and Easier. With AI, searchability will transcend words and dive deeper into actual subject matter. Using advanced image analysis, AI can sift through photos and videos to find the images you seek, not just documents. When artificial intelligence understands what you are working on, it becomes impressively accurate.
  3. Remote Collaboration Will Become More Intuitive. We’ve all experienced Zoom fatigue. While in-person meetings can be taxing, sitting through virtual meetings can seem even more so. Thanks to meta-data-driven document management, you can avoid unnecessary meetings and endless back-and-forth emails. Document management allows multiple users to collaborate seamlessly and share information in real-time. With version management, everyone will be seeing the same page, changes, and all!

While no one can predict the future, it’s a safe bet that as AI and machine learning improve, they will continue to alter the way we work for the better in 2022 and beyond.





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