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9 Serious Data Security Threats Facing Every Business

Today, businesses face a myriad of data security threats due to new trending technologies and other underlying factors. The threats can lead to significant data breaches—causing downtime, damage to your reputation, and impacting your customers’ trust.

Let’s discuss 9 data security threats and risks that your business may face in the present day:

  1. Security of All IoT Devices – Security of your business’s web and IoT devices (i.e., printers, videoconferencing set-ups, smart screens, smart assistants etc.) is crucial to protecting your data in the event of an attack. When the endpoint controls of these devices lack visibility and proper communication policies, they pose a risk to data that’s essential to your business operations.
  2. Untrained Users – An untrained workforce is one of the biggest threats to your business’s data. Every employee should be trained to understand cybersecurity threats such as phishing emails and malware. Ensure staff understands the importance of setting strong passwords and educate them on how to access and handle confidential information.
  3. Overall Security Architecture & System Infrastructure –  Investing in a subpar information security system infrastructure poses a significant threat to your business’s data. Having a solid security architecture that incorporates all elements of cybersecurity, such as antivirus plus detection of phishing attempts and insecure applications, deters attacks.
  4. Switch button positioned on the word minimum, black background and blue light. Conceptual image data security risk.Identity and Access Management – Lack of proper identity and access management framework leads to data security risks such as insider threats. Therefore, you should incorporate a process of managing electronic and digital identities in your business to mitigate employees or other third parties from accessing unauthorized data.
  5. Threat Intelligence and Incidence Response – Most businesses lack a robust threat intelligence and incidence response system. If your business lacks such an ecosystem, it poses a risk in analyzing and updating yourself on how cyber attackers operate. It leaves your business’s data and IT systems at risk since the suspicious activity is not monitored and acted upon.
  6. Overestimating the Ability of Defense Systems – Miscalculating the capabilities of your IT systems leaves your business’s data at risk since the threats today are ever evolving. Make sure your systems remain up to date to keep up with the changes.
  7. Endpoint Security – Lack of adoption of modern endpoint security systems coupled with misconfiguration of servers poses a major threat to your business’s data. It might cause data breaches since hackers can exploit vulnerabilities as entry points.
  8. Lack of Oversight – Lack of audit and oversight of data and access points is a potential threat that could breach your business’s confidential data.
  9. Non-Compliance with Data Security Regulations – Gartner analysts forecast that by 2023, 65% of the world’s population will “have its personal data covered under modern privacy regulations.” Failing to comply with current data security regulations can not only put your business at risk, but it could also mean hefty fines, business disruption and loss of customer trust.

Evolve Your Data Protection Strategy

Today’s hybrid workforce demands a sizeable investment in IT infrastructure. A holistic security approach can help detect and respond to risk factors. Through continuous monitoring, data security teams can mitigate risk and avert obstacles to growth, including cyber-attack-related threats, or other market disruptors.

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