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Business Collaboration with Unified Communications

In today’s hybrid workplace, teams can be located anywhere, making collaboration crucial for helping your business operate effectively. Using legacy communication tools can make working together challenging. If you want your project manager and team to work in unison, you need a system that operates with speed and efficiency.

Enter Unified Communications or UC. A Unified Communications solution isn’t just a single product or tool. It’s a collection of solutions that you can implement to ensure that your technology works together, securely, for real-time or near real-time collaboration.

A UC solution integrates a diverse set of tools like VoIP, Desktop Sharing, Instant Messaging, and Web/Audio/Video Conferencing to interact together facilitating seamless business collaboration.

4 Ways UC Drives Collaboration

A UC solution framework takes advantage of real-time and asynchronous communication tools to help your team work together better. Here are four ways UC can help:

  1. Collaboration for Sales Orders – UC can help your sales team collaborate with stakeholders making the sales process run smoothly. For example, if your sales process uses cloud-based VoIP in tandem with email. This means that messages can get filtered through your customer management system so the next salesperson that helps the customer can pick up where the last rep left off. This enhances the customer experience.
  2. Enhanced Collaboration Among Remote Workers – One of the primary challenges of remote work is proper inclusion in team projects. UC bridges the gap and facilitates collaboration. For example, you can use video conferencing and IM to support communications among team members regardless of whether they work remotely or are in the office. UC allows you to expand your talent pool with employees located anywhere in the world.
  3. Increased Field Communications with Mobility – Whether you’re presenting at a local expo or preparing a webinar, there are always sales opportunities available. UC can help your team collaborate on the go. Integrating communication tools into mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones, helps your team communicate via voicemail, IM, and video calls in real-time. Never miss a sales opportunity again!
  4. Save Time on Project Meetings – Meetings take up valuable time, yet are crucial for keeping your team on point. You can facilitate collaboration and make an impact at project meetings with the help of Unified Communications. Meeting participants can be in different time zones and still be at the meeting by using video tools that easily integrate with your internal meeting systems. Save time and money on travel.

Streamline Your Communications With UC

From facilitating team meetings to enhancing collaborative efforts, Unified Communications can add value to your business. By implementing a UC solution, you can support your team’s collaborative efforts and enhance productivity.

For the best results, you need a solid platform. That’s where we can help! At Allied, we know how to build a collaboration platform for your business that will meet your company’s unique needs. Do you want to learn more? Call an Allied rep today. We’re ready to help!


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