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In today’s hybrid workplace, teams can be located anywhere, making collaboration crucial for helping your business operate effectively. Using legacy communication tools can make working together challenging. If you want your project manager and team to work in unison, you need a system that operates with speed and efficiency.
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COVID-19 has affected almost every area of our lives, from how we communicate, to how we shop, and even how we work. Lock downs and shutdowns have forced organizations to alter attitudes about work and where work happens. Organizations that once questioned the viability of remote work are now planning for a future that includes employees splitting time working between being in-office and/or working remotely. In fact, recent studies have found that 79% of companies project that they will employ a...
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Today, technology is giving us ways to move our businesses forward at an increasing rate. One time-saving use of technology is the automation of repetitive workflows to create efficiencies. Workflow automation involves the digitization and subsequent automation of business processes in an effort to create efficiencies by reducing the need for manual labor.
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